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How many times have you bought presents but forgotten to buy the greeting cards? For me, this used to happen almost every single time! Luckily, I have Illustrator and a printer that come to the rescue when needed. So, I thought I could share some of my designs with you, which will hopefully come in handy when you need a Greeting Card but don’t have time to go to the shop! All you need is a printer and A4 thick paper; preferably minimum 250gsm, but less would be fine too! 🙂

I have included the following 3 Greeting Cards for 3 different occasions:

happy birthday card 1. Happy Birthday

CLICK HERE to download the ‘Happy Birthday’ Card

thinking of you card 2. Thinking of You

CLICK HERE to download the ‘Thinking of You’ Card

keep smiling card 3. Keep Smiling

CLICK HERE to download the ‘Keep Smiling’ Card

There is also a ‘No Glue’ Envelope Template that would fit these Greeting Cards perfectly. All you would need is an A4 sheet of paper and the instructions. A printer is recommended by it is not essential. You can find more information and the download links for the envelope here.

I hope you love the designs of these Greeting Cards and please let me know if there are any more you’d like to see. Leave a comment below with your thoughts or if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!

Eva x

PS: If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry … you can download the equivalent e-Cards for free. Click here for info & download links.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These greeting cards are for personal use only. Not for commercial use.