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Are you getting married? If so, congratulations! Have you sent your Save the Date cards yet?

I remember organising my wedding, like it was yesterday; I enjoyed the whole process so much! One of the most challenging tasks was setting the date; one that suited us and our families and that wasn’t already booked. After we had the date set, I wanted to tell the world! <3

I remember sending emails to friends and family telling them the Big News! Then, I thought how nice it would have been if I had emailed them an e-card instead of plain text!? I did make some Save the Date cards and fridge magnets but we had informed most people of the date before the fridge magnets arrived!

save the date

So, I thought I’d make a few Wedding Card Options that you can download and personalise by adding your text or images (using any photo editor app). Simply click on the image you like to view it and then copy it to your desktop or phone.

Choose from Save the Date, Bridesmaid & Maid of Honour proposal and Thank You cards. Download one or all of them, personalise them and start emailing! :-)


save the date black
save the date blue
save the date grey
save the date tan

I’m offering a few colour options that are a bit more neutral. However, if there is a particular colour you’re after, I’d be happy to help. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like one in a different colour or text!

will you be my bridesmaid example
Example Image


will you be my bridesmaid
be my bridesmaid
will you be my maid of honour
be my maid of honour

You can use the Thank You e-cards for sending to guests after the wedding or to wedding suppliers who helped organising your perfect day.

thank you card example
Example Image


thank you card black
thank you card blue
thank you card grey
thank you card tan

I hope you love these and they help you spread the word. :-)

Finally, let me know if you would like to see some more added and what kind. Leave a comment below or send me a message here.

Enjoy Wedding Planning!

Eva x