Free Greeting Cards

How many times have you bought presents but forgotten to buy the greeting cards? For me, this used to happen almost every single time! Luckily, I have Illustrator and a printer that come to the rescue when needed. So, I thought I could share some of my designs with you, which will hopefully come in handy when you need a Greeting Card but don’t have time to go to the shop! All you need is…

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Free ‘No Glue’ Envelope

If you’re looking for a pretty way to wrap a card or a gift voucher, here’s an Envelope template for you to download for free. It’s really simple to make and you can use patterned paper if you want to make it even more special! Print on A4 paper or simply follow the instructions. Normal weight paper gives better results than thicker card. CLICK HERE to download the Envelope Template. CLICK HERE to download the…

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Free e-Cards

Whether you’re running out of time to post a card or you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to send your greetings to a loved one, here are a few free e-cards for you to download, personalise and email.:-) There are currently 3 designs for 3 different occasions. You can download one or all three. :-) After you save them on your phone, tablet or computer, simply use any photo editor to add your text…

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